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Terms & Conditions


1. ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER. This Order constitutes an offer that is expressly limited to the Terms and Conditions contained herein. The Terms and Conditions of this Order are those that apply to the purchase of materials, items, products, components or services (hereinafter referred to as "Material"). All exhibits, attachments, technical specifications, drawings, notes, instructions, or information referenced in the Order are incorporated herein by reference. These Terms and Conditions control unless they are specifically varied or contradicted by one of the following methods in the listed order of precedence: 1) Varying terms on the face of this Order; 2) A current existing master purchase agreement; 3) Another valid contract between Pan-Oston and the Vendor towhich this Order applies. All other prior oral or written statements varying the Order are specifically rejected and disclaimed.

2. CHANGES/AMENDMENTS. Pan-Oston shall have the right at any time, by written notice, in the form of a Change Order, to the Vendor, to make any changes it deems necessary, including, but not limited to, changes in specifications, design, delivery, testing methods, packing or destination. If any such required changes cause an increase or decrease in the cost of or the time required for performance, an equitable adjustment shall be made in the contract price or delivery schedule, or both. Any claim by the Vendor for adjustment under this clause shall be deemed waived unless asserted in writing within ten (10) days from receipt by the Vendor of notice of change. Price increases, extensions of time for delivery and change in quantity shall not be binding on Pan-Oston unless the claim for adjustment is agreed to and signed by Pan-Oston.

3. DELIVERY/FORCE MAJEURE. If any Material is not delivered by the date specified herein, Pan-Oston reserves the right, without liability, to cancel this Order as to any Material not yet shipped or tendered, and to purchase substitute Material and to charge the Vendor for any loss incurred. Any provisions hereof for delivery by installment shall not be construed as making the obligations of the Vendor severable. If the Vendor is unable to complete performance at the time specified for delivery hereunder, by reason of strikes, labor disputes, riot, war, fire or other causes beyond the Vendor's reasonable control, Pan-Oston, at its option, may elect to take delivery of Material hereunder in its unfinished state and to pay such proportion of the contract price as the work then completed bears to the total work hereunder and to cancel this Order without liability as to the balance of the Material covered hereunder.

4. SHIPPING, PACKAGING AND LABELING All Material purchased hereunder must be packed and packaged to ensure its safe delivery in accordance with good commercial practice and where incorporated, Pan-Ostonís packaging specification. The Vendor shall mark on all containers, handling and loading instructions, shipping information, part number, purchase order number and item number, quantity in box, shipment date, and names and addresses of the Vendor and Pan-Oston. An itemized packing list must accompany each shipment. Each packing slip shall include; this Order number, quantity, item description, order date, shipping date and delivery address, but shall not include pricing information.

The above information is also required on all Invoices issued for Payment. Payment may be at risk of delay if the above information is not included on documentation.

5. TITLE AND RISK OF LOSS. Terms of shipping are F.O.B. Shipper location unless otherwise noted within the terms of this Order.

6. PRICE/TAXES. Prices stated on the Order hereof are firm and shall remain firm until deliveries have been completed unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing by both parties. The Vendor agrees that any price reduction made with respect to Material covered by this Order subsequent to placement will be applied to this Order. All prices specified herein include all charges for, but not limited to, inspection, and packaging. Prices set forth are exclusive of applicable sales, use, excise, value-added or similar taxes.

7. WARRANTIES. The Vendor warrants that any Material supplied hereunder shall conform to the generally recognized manufacturing and safety standards of the Vendor's industry in the United States and shall meet or exceed the Vendor's specifications on performance as detailed in the Vendor's brochures, sales literature, MSDS Sheets and other specifications as may be available to Pan-Oston. In addition to any other express or implied warranties, the Vendor warrants that the Material furnished pursuant to this Order will be: (a) free from defects in title, workmanship and material; (b) free from defects in design except to the extent that such items comply with detailed designs provided by Pan-Oston; (c) of merchantable quality and suitable for the purposes, if any, which are stated on this Order. If any material covered by this Order is found not to be as warranted, Pan-Oston may, by written notice to the Vendor: (a) rescind this Order as to such non-conforming Material; (b) accept such Material at an equitable reduction in price; (c) reject such non-conforming Material and require the delivery of suitable replacements. If the Vendor fails to deliver suitable replacements promptly, Pan-Oston, with notice of five business days, may replace or correct such Material and charge the Vendor the additional cost occasioned Pan-Oston thereby, or terminate this Order for default. Any items corrected or furnished in replacement are subject to all the provisions of this article entitled WARRANTIES to the same extent as items initially furnished or originally ordered. Cost of replacement, rework, inspection, repackaging and transportation of such corrected Material shall be at the Vendor's expense. This warranty provision shall survive any inspection, delivery, acceptance, payment, expiration or earlier termination of this Order and such warranties shall run to Pan-Oston, its successors, assigns, employees, and users of the Material. Nothing herein, however, shall limit Pan-Ostonís rights in law or equity for damages resulting from delivery of defective goods or damage caused during the delivery of goods or provision of services. Rights granted to the Buyer in this article entitled WARRANTIES are in addition to any other rights or remedies provided elsewhere in this Order or in Law.

8. INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE. The Vendor shall inspect all Material prior to shipment to Pan-Oston. All Material covered by this Order may be inspected and tested by Pan-Oston Quality Assurance Department/ Design Engineers/ Procurement/ Manufacturing Teams. If Pan-Oston so elects to inspect or test, successful completion of such inspection and testing shall be a prerequisite to Pan-Ostonís acceptance of the Material. If any Material covered by this Order is defective or otherwise not conforming with the requirements of this Order, Pan-Oston may, by written notice to the Vendor: (a) rescind this Order as to such non-conforming Material; (b) accept such Material at an equitable reduction in price; (c) reject such non-conforming Material and require the delivery of suitable replacements. If the Vendor fails to deliver suitable replacements promptly, Pan-Oston, with notice of five business days, may replace or correct such Material and charge the Vendor the additional cost occasioned Pan-Oston thereby, or terminate this Order for default. No inspection (including source inspection) test, approval (including design approval) or acceptance of Material shall relieve the Vendor from responsibility for defects or other failures to meet the requirements of this Order.

In addition, in the event of above described non-conformances, Pan-Oston requires all vendors to perform root cause analysis, short term and long term correction to their process and product, and submit documentation demonstrating evidence that the cause of non-conformance is eliminated and product conforms to requirements and specifications. Vendor shall fill out Pan-Oston QMS document D-8.5-QLT-003 CORRECTIVE PREVENTIVE ACTION REQUEST (CAR) and submit response no later than 10 business days from the day they received the CAR. Pan-Oston reserves the right to reject CAR if it finds CAR not effective or not substantiated. In the event of rejection vendor shall re-submit the CAR within 10 business days substantiating their findings and corrections.

Rights granted to Pan-Oston in this article entitled INSPECTION are in addition to any other rights or remedies provided elsewhere in this Order or in Law.

Nonconforming Material

Suppliers are responsible to establish a system to assure nonconforming product is identified and segregated from acceptable product.

Supplier nonconforming parts Ė A deviation must be obtained from Pan-Oston prior to shipping any product. The deviation will specify the quantity of product involved and a time expiration of the deviation. A corrective action plan to prevent further deviations may also be requested.

Supplier Charge-Backs for Nonconforming Material
Supplier Charge-Backs may be applied for delivery of defective/ nonconforming contract products and quality incidents, caused by the Supplierís products.

Due to the increasing administrative costs for defective products, Suppliers to Pan-Oston agree to the following simplified process for reimbursement of costs caused by defective products

(Simplified Process):
Pan-Oston may choose to apply this Simplified Process to any incident described in this Supplier Quality Standard. Examples include:

  • a non-conformance related to the component specification (e.g. drawing, environmental specification,...)
  • a delay or error in delivery which results in disturbances for Pan-Oston operations of itís manufacturing plants (except if there is evident inadequacy between determined and real delivery requirements)
  • a PPM/ Quality level over committed target
  • a non-satisfying response to a complaint (e.g. no response in time, no efficient containment action, no response to sorting request..)

9. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INDEMNITY. The Vendor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Pan-Oston, its employees, directors, officers, and agents with respect to all claims, suits, actions and proceedings of actual or alleged infringements of any Letter, Patent, Registered or Industrial Design, Trademark or Trade Name, Trade Secret, Copyright or other protected right in any country resulting from any sale, use or manufacture of any Material delivered hereunder and to pay and discharge all judgments, decrees, and awards rendered therein or by reason thereof and bear all expenses and legal fees (including Pan-Oston) associated herewith. Pan-Oston reserves the right to be represented in any such action by its own counsel at its own expense.

10. INDEMNITY. The Vendor will indemnify, defend and hold Pan-Oston, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and agents harmless from any loss, expense, claim or damage including reasonable defense costs, arising from any claim or action based on any acts or omissions of the Vendor, its employees, servants, agents or subcontractors. Pan-Oston reserves the right to be represented in any such action by its own counsel at its own expense.

11. ASSIGNMENT/SUBCONTRACTING. The Vendor shall not assign this Order, any rights under this Order or any monies due or to become due hereunder nor delegate or subcontract any obligations or work hereunder without the prior written consent of Pan-Oston. No purported assignment nor delegation by the Vendor shall be binding on Pan-Oston without such consent. Pan-Oston may assign this Order to any successor or any of its affiliated companies.

12. CANCELLATIONS. Pan-Oston may cancel this Order in whole or in part, for no cause, upon written, FAX, or telex notice to the Vendor, effective when sent, provided such notice is sent at least fourteen (14) days prior to the delivery date specified on the face of this Order. Pan-Oston may cancel this Order in whole or in part at any time for cause by written, FAX, or telex notice to the Vendor, effective when sent, in the event that the Vendor: (a) fails to comply with any term or condition of this Order including, but not limited to, delivery terms; or (b) appoints a receiver, liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy or other similar officer over any or all of its property or assets; or (c) files a voluntary petition in bankruptcy; or (d) has had filed against it an involuntary petition in bankruptcy which remains in effect for thirty (30) days; or (e) voluntarily ceases trading; or (f) merges with or is acquired by a third party; or (g) assigns any of its rights or obligations under the Order to a third party without Pan-Ostonís advance written consent. Upon the occasion of any one of the aforesaid and in addition to any remedies which Pan-Oston may have in Law or in Equity, Pan-Oston may also cancel this order or any outstanding deliveries hereunder by notifying the Vendor in writing of such cancellation and the Vendor shall thereupon transfer title and deliver to Pan-Oston such work in progress or completed material as may be requested by Pan-Oston. Pan-Oston shall have no liability to the Vendor beyond payment of any balance owing for Material purchased hereunder and delivered to and accepted by Pan-Oston prior to the Vendor's receipt of the notice of termination, and for work in progress requested for delivery to Pan-Oston.

13. PROPRIETARY INFORMATION/TITLE TO SPECIFICATIONS. All written information obtained by the Vendor from Pan-Oston in connection with this Order and which is identified as proprietary, including, but not limited to, any specifications, drawings, blueprints and software programs, shall remain the property of Pan-Oston, shall be used by the Vendor only to the extent necessary for performance of this Order and shall not be disclosed to any third parties without prior written consent of Pan-Oston. The Vendor shall not make or authorize any news release, advertisement, or other disclosure which shall deny or confirm the existence of this Order without prior written consent of Pan-Oston except as may be required to perform this Order.

14. THE VENDOR AS AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. The Vendor shall perform the obligations of this Order as an independent contractor and under no circumstances shall it be considered an agent or employee of Pan-Oston. The Terms and Conditions of this Order shall not, in any way, be construed as to create a partnership or any other kind of joint undertaking or venture between the parties hereto. The Vendor expressly waives any and all rights which may or may not exist to claim any relief under Pan-Ostonís comprehensive insurance policy, worker's compensation or unemployment benefits.

15. INVOICING/PAYMENTS/SET-OFFS. Payment of invoice shall not constitute acceptance of Material ordered and shall be subject to appropriate adjustment, if the Vendor failed to meet the requirements of this Order. Pan-Oston shall have right at any time to set-off any amounts due to the Vendor, (or any of its associated or affiliated companies) against any amounts owed by Pan-Oston with respect to this Order or any subsequent Order or any other contractual agreement between the parties hereto unless such set-off violates local law or regulations.

16. INSURANCE AND STATUTORY OBLIGATIONS. If any part of this Order involves the Vendor's performance on Pan-Ostonís premises or at any place where Pan-Oston conducts operations, or with material or equipment furnished to the Vendor by Pan-Oston, the Vendor shall take all necessary precautions to prevent injury to persons or property during the progress of such work. The Vendor shall maintain public liability, personal injury, and property damage insurance and employer's liability and compensation insurance, in an amount determined by Pan-Oston to be appropriate, to protect Pan-Oston from said risks and from any statutory liabilities whatsoever arising there from. The Vendor shall produce evidence of such insurance upon request by Pan-Oston.

17. WAIVER. The failure of Pan-Oston to insist in any instance upon the strict performance of any provision of this Order, or to exercise any right or privilege granted to Pan-Oston hereunder shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver of any such provision or right and the same shall continue in force.

18. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS. Whether or not Pan-Oston provides a specification, if materials, services or containers furnished by the Vendor are required to be constructed, packaged, labeled or registered in a prescribed manner, the Vendor shall comply with the applicable federal, state, county and local laws, ordinances, regulations and codes. The Vendor further agrees to indemnify and hold Pan-Oston and its customers harmless from any loss or damage that may be sustained by Pan-Oston, by reason of the Vendor's failure to comply with any federal, state, county or local laws, ordinance, regulations and codes.

19. Vendor is responsible for following the policies, procedures, directions and instructions contained in the Pan-Oston Vendor Requirements Specifications. These guidelines specifically cover Pan-Ostonís requirements regarding transportation, packaging, and accounts payable. Failure to follow all requirements may result in vendor chargeback or fines.

20. CHILD LABOR. Pan-Oston policy warrants that it will not conduct business with any supplier employing children under the age of 15. By accepting this purchase order terms and condition, a supplier and/or contractor agrees not to use children under age 15 for any product or processes that impacts Pan-Oston. If Pan-Oston finds a supplier and/or contractor knowingly violates these terms, Pan-Oston reserves the right to make any business contracts and/or agreements null and void. Pan-Oston may also charge the offending supplier and/or contractor reimbursement for activities resulting from a change in vendor.